First ever true online exam monitored using Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabling the students to appear for the exam from the comfort of their own homes without visiting any exam centers.

About ATSE

ATSE is India’s first center-less talent search cum scholarship exam. With the help of artificial intelligence, a unique test taking experience is created wherein students can take the test from anywhere, and at the same time the system is cheating proof.

AglaSem Talent Search Exam (ATSE) is a national level talent search cum scholarship test. By participating in the test, students get to compete with their peers at a national level, and grab scholarships that would help them further their education goals.

Students Speak

Nagma, Class X, Bengaluru:

Hi! I was so surprised to come across such a unique exam! This is the first time I did not have to go to a test center to appear in an exam. There was no hassle of how will I go to a center, or what will happen if I am late and all that. I was comfortably sitting in my room and was able to give the test!

Manish, Class VIII, Delhi:

I was happy with the exam. The questions were neither too difficult, nor too easy.

Shilpa, Class XI, Haryana:

Even though the exam was center-less, I was happy to see it was really cheating proof.