To appear for the test the candidates need to have 2 basic requirements, they are described as follows:

  • Computer / Laptop: The participants must have a laptop/computer. The laptop/computer must be in good working condition. Do check the memory, hardware and software status before the exam day. Also, make sure to delete any cache in the system.

  • Webcam: Ensure that your laptop and computer has a webcam connected. Since the exam is not monitored manually, the webcam will be used for the purpose of recording the examinees movements and activities during the test.

  • A fast internet connection: participants must have a good internet speed in their home or at the venue from where they plan to take the exam. An internet speed above 2mbps is considered a good one.

  • Browser: A good browser is important to take the test. Use only Google Chrome to take the test.

  • Mobile Phone: Before the start of the exam, the candidates will get an verification intimation in their mobile number that is registered with ATSE 2019. Thus keep the mobile phone handy before the test starts.

The exam will not be held at any test center. The candidates have to appear for the exam from the comfort of their home.