ATSE 2020 - Engineering / Medical / Law

For each kind of ATSE (Engineering, Medical, Law), top 100 students subject to qualifying exam will be awarded scholarships and rewards. All students beyond the 100th rank who appear for the exam will get participation certificates. The distribution of scholarship, rewards, certificates will be as follows.

Rank Cash Prize (In Inr) Medal Certificate
1 1,00,000/- Gold Certificate of Excellence
2 50,000/- Silver Certificate of Excellence
3 25,000/- Bronze Certificate of Excellence
4 to 10 10,000/- - Certificate of Distinction
11 to 20 5,000/- - Certificate of Distinction
21 to 50 2,000/- - Certificate of Distinction
51 to 100 1,000/- - Certificate of Distinction
100+ - - Certificate of Participation
Note: Only those candidates who score a minimum of 50% marks are only considered for ATSE 2020 Merit List Preparation.

Rules for Claiming the Scholarship

After the declaration of the result, the students who become eligible for the prize money and medals have to fill up an awards claim form.

To be able to claim the prize money there are certain terms and conditions that must be fulfilled. The same are mentioned via the points below:

  • Awards claim form must be submitted with correct details, within the deadline. There will be no scope for editing details in the form once it is submitted.

  • Award-Scholarship amount shall be transferred to the student’s bank account, as per details submitted by him/her in the awards claim form. Under no circumstances will it be transferred to any other person’s account even if the person is a parent, guardian, sibling, relative.

  • Award-Certificate and medals will be sent to the student at the address provided by them.

  • The candidates' identity will be verified with the details provided in the application form at the time registration before finalising the claims.

  • Such students who have obtained a rank, but are either disqualified due to breaking any rule during the exam, or their documents are not verified, or their awards claim form is not submitted correctly on time, shall automatically lose claim over the awards.