AglaSem Talent Search Examination is a national level online examination for the students who are studying in class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 , 11 and 12(Sci). The conducting body of ATSE 2019, AglaSem is pioneer in providing one stop online guidance portal. Now we are pioneering in spotting talents across the nation and provide them with unique platform to realise their true potential.

ATSE 2019 is a platform to spot talented and extraordinary students and reward them with financial aid for their higher/upcoming studies.

Perks Of ATSE 2019

  • With ATSE 2019, students can realise their true potential and get financial support to polish and enhance them.

  • It is an online exam that will be conducted online and the students can participate in it form their homes.

  • Moreover, prizes of total worth of Rs. 12 lakh will be distributed among the toppers of each category.

Uniqueness of ATSE 2019

ATSE not only aims at providing the students with a platform, but to cover their needs for upcoming education from financial angle. ATSE is the only platform that provides the candidates with cash prizes worth up to Rs. 12 lakh at a national level.

There is no need to visit any exam center to take the examination. Candidates have to simply enroll for the exam with an online registration form and claim their cash rewards and certificates online.


AglaSem is one of a kind education portal that covers every stage a student goes through. From schools, to higher education and to career prospects. Being an expert in educational domain, AglaSem is now thriving to reach out to the students in a different level that is more personal and more physical.

Hence ATSE is one step closer to the students and with each step, we plan to get closer in understanding the needs of the students and address them in as better ways as possible.

Authenticity of ATSE 2019

AglaSem is an Educational Technology Company popularizing digital education and helping students.

ATSE is not only to compete, but is also a means of an all round personality development. In addition to that, recognition of merit at an early age is bound to infuse a certain sense of achievement that encourages them to do even better as they advance in age.