Dear Parents and Students,

ATSE 2019 is one of its kind. It is different from all the online exam that you hear about or have appeared for. The exam that are conducted in the nation are mostly Computer Based Test (CBT) and not online exam. There is a big difference between the two, that many don’t notice. Therefore to understand how ATSE works, you first need to understand the difference between CBT and online examination.

Computer Based Test V/S Online Exam

A Computer Based Test (CBT) is an offline exam that one attempts in their computer system. Yes, they are basically offline, there is no internet connection in the CBTs. The systems of the candidates in which they marks their answers are not connected to any internet. The pool of questions are already made available on the system via softwares.

An online exam on the other hand, like ATSE, the candidates are online the entire time. Yes, they are connected to the internet. The candidates are provided with the questions on their screen via the internet. However, this doesn’t mean the candidates can cheat or access the informations/answers from internet while they are connected to the internet and taking the exam. There are means via which the activity of the candidates while taking the online exam is tracked and monitored, so that there is no means to cheat.

For a CBT the candidate have to appear for the exam from the centers that are designated to conduct the exam. However, for the online exam like ATSE, the candidates will not have to visit any center and they can appear for the exam from wherever they wish to.

Online exams are going to be the future of the examinations in India. And ATSE might be the first one ever that you appear in. This might be it, this might be just the future of all the important national level exam soon. As the technology is taking over and making life simpler, one can soon expect the exam conducting bodies to make examination more easier to take and less stressful for all.