On the basis of the marks secured, a merit list will be prepared. The details submitted by top candidates in ATSE will be verified and only if all the information is found authentic, scholarship will be awarded. The display of results will be done online, on the official website of ATSE.
Minimum Qualifying Marks -50%
  1. Even if a candidate has obtained a rank, if he/she is found to have violated any code of conduct of ATSE, then he / she shall be immediately disqualified without further notice.
  2. Rank holders eligible for scholarship amount will have to follow the process of prize claim & document verification after the result.
ATSE 2022 Merit List & Tie Breaking

The merit list is based on the total marks of the candidates in the test. The merit list of qualified students is uploaded over the site and is arranged in the ascending order of ranks achieved by the candidates. The candidate with the highest total marks tops the merit list and so on. The merit list is separate for each class.
In case of a tie the following measures will be taken to break the same.

For classes 5 to 10
  1. Candidate having higher marks in Mathematics will be given preference.
For classes 11 and 12
  1. Candidate having higher marks in Physics will be given preference.
  2. If tie remains, then the candidate having higher marks in Chemistry is preferred.
If the tie still remains, the prize amount will be shared. Medal (if applicable) & certificates will be issued to all.